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Vector7 can set up and manage your AdWords campaign

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Being found on the search engines by your customers is what we do. The basis of our work is getting people found for what they do in the areas they cover. Page one scoring is our raison d'etre, and our track record speaks for itself.

However, there are times when you might need to be found quickly, or you are in a highly competitive business and need an edge over the competition. When you need exposure, then AdWords are the way to go. Yes, other search engines offer Pay-Per-Click services, but for businesses in the UK the 90% market share held by Google makes it by far the choice for advertising.

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords, as you may be aware, is Google's main source of income. You choose a list of keywords and a link to your website appears at the top (or on the side) of the page everytime one of those keywords is used in a search. How much you get charged for this advertising depends on the demand for the keyword.

Are AdWords right for you?

AdWords are not for everyone. Depending on your target audience, having a paid for link might even put them off. If your business fills a particularly exclusive niche, then we can even get you to the top of the search engines for your chosen keywords without you spending a penny on AdWords.

Saying that, AdWords advertising can be incredibly effective. Properly used, and aimed at a well made landing page, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your online presence. It is also something you can turn on and off, so it is ideal for anyone who is in a seasonal industry - giving you a boost during the busy times, but not costing you a penny when it is quieter.

So, why should you come to us to manage your AdWords campaign rather than simply manage it yourself?

Planning your advertising campaign using Google AdWords is about more than just coming up with a list of words you want target. Some thought needs to go into the wording of the advert, the page the link goes to, and whether to use different campaigns for different aspects of your business. We'll also need to devise a means of effectively monitoring the success of the campaign.

As with everything we do, you get a professional service for an honest price. With a set up fee from £65 and then ongoing admin charge of £20 per month, with the actual spend on the advertising itself entirely up to you.

Determine what keyphrases to use for your campaign, based on; the average cost, the likelihood of converting a click to a sale, and the benefit to you to include it in your AdWords campaign.
Produce a dedicated landing page for your AdWords campaign, designed to hook any customer who has clicked on your advert, to give you the biggest chance of turning this visit (that you are paying for) into a sale. This dedicated page can also be more easily monitored for effectiveness.
Monitor the campaign on an regular basis to determine the effectiveness of the keyphrases as well landing page and make adjustments where necessary to get you the most effective advertising for your money.
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