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Web marketing Devon

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Website Design Devon

Your Site Needs You.

Much of the web is about being found. Business often is about maintaining momentum and so it is with the web. In order to have you found for your services on search engines like Google we need to maintain your site with additional content.

In the business beauty contest of the web, search engines send out what are known as robots to help them to maintain their own index of the web- upon which your keyword searches are performed. The minds behind the robots are constantly writing programmers which are checking to see who is nurturing their site and who is not. Therefore we know they like sites which continue to grow and are therefore actively supporting the web. The search engines like site that keep working therefore people who keep working. Stagnant sites will stagnate on the search engines. It’s a bit like floating on the surface of the water. To stay up takes the odd paddle. We are here to help you do this. So what do you need to do?

5 Ways to help us help you.

  • Take pictures of your work to add to a portfolio.
  • Add new products to your site.
  • Add references and recommendations
  • Send us articles about your industry
  • Keep us informed about changes within your business which could create new pages, news letters product updates or information about new areas within which you are working

John Vincent

Marketing Web Strategist

Website Design Devon
Web Design Web Design Devon
Across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset we offer affordable, bespoke and professional websites complete with design & SEO.
Website Design Devon
Marketing Web Design Devon
Convert web visits to sales today. VECTOR7 are web and SEO specialists offering a full WEB & MARKETING package...
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