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Where we begin at Vector7
To truly experience what we do, come and visit our designers at our officeWebsite Designers Devon
Website Designers Devon
Your websites success begins with a solid under- standing for what you do and where you do it. Once this is achieved, we can plan a detailed strategy and get started in design.
Website Designers Devon
Website Design Devon
Design balances on the fence between form and function. Our designers can find that perfect mix of use- ability and originality that sets our websites apart from the competition.
Website Designers Devon
Website Design Devon
This stage is the home of technology. Often discussed in the planning stage, where we can utilise our know-ledge of the web to ensure your website is perfect for the job in hand.
Website Designs Devon
Website Designers Devon
Using solid measurement and monitoring tools, we report how your website is doing within it's first weeks on the web. We can then pinpoint where more work is needed to ace your sector.
Devon Web Designers
Website Design Devon
Discover what you
do and where
Over the past 12 years, we have been making considerable progress for businesses across the UK.
In the early stages of your new website, we recommend visiting our office and meeting the team. From here, we can really get to know your company, who you are and what your goals are. It also gives us a chance to discuss web strategy and find out more about what your job involves.
  ...what we want to see
Website Designers Devon
Unique Selling Points
We want to know what makes you special. What do you offer that others don't? Why should customers come to you rather than other companies? If you can answer the above, it gives us ammunition to convert visits to sales.
Website Designers Devon
Existing Advertising
This gives us a great opportunity to see how well your company has advertised itself in the past. By pin-pointing strengths and weaknesses, we can find the right angle in which to design your new website.
Design to express
you & your service
Photography is invaluable within the web
design business. You can only gain from
what you initially put into a project.
We specialise in getting you found for your service, in your area. But all of this hard work is wasted if you do not under-stand marketing your company, this is where we can help. We are constantly developing, testing and analysing marketing strategy to ensure our techniques are proven to aid sales.
Web Designers Devon
  ...what we want to see
Website Designers Devon
Good Photography
Photography in any shape or form can help towards making your website feel local to where you work and emphasize your service or product. It can also help us build case studies in the development stage.
Website Designers Devon
Showcase your service
When browsing the web, the eye completes the picture. For example, if you can show pictures of your service in a domestic property, then you are more than likely going to encourage the same audience.
website designers devon website designers devon website designers devon
Develop to improve & conquer
This can only be achieved with prior planning and solid strategy, without this your website
could simply slip away.
The design stage is often thought of as the first stage and once things are set in stone, it is impossible to change. However, we prefer to look at design as an ongoing struggle. We develop case studies and create new content to ensure your website is always improving and growing.
  ...what we want to see
Website Designers Devon
Case Studies
Case studies are essential in gathering new traffic for specific sectors and markets. The eye completes the picture and our case studies promote your service or product in the eye of the customer.
Website Designers Devon
Fresh Content
Google is a living, breathing thing and is constantly looking for the best content to place on the top of it's search results. Adding fresh content to your site promotes it's positioning and keeps your website up to date.
Ready to get started? Website Design Devon
Website Designers Devon
Website Designers Devon
Website Designers Devon
Website Design Devon
Web Design Web Design Devon
Across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset we offer affordable, bespoke and professional websites complete with design & SEO.
Website Design Devon
Marketing Web Design Devon
Convert web visits to sales today. VECTOR7 are web and SEO specialists offering a full WEB & MARKETING package...
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Call us on 01404 598 015 | Email us at info@vector7.co.uk | Write to us or pop in at 107 High Street, Honiton, Devon, EX14 1PE
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