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 Web Marketing:
Can you answer these questions?

  • How do your customers and prospects find your Website?
  • What makes one site stand above another?
  • Which are the most popular search engines?
  • Where is the highest density traffic?
  • Is my web site tuned to bring me business or have I missed the target?
  • Where is your current traffic coming from?
  • What are you doing to increase the rate of conversion?
  • Is it the traffic you need to sell product?
  • Does your traffic consist of your customers, in your area, within your field of expertise?

How are you answering these questions?
How and what are you measuring?

and what forward planning have you done for your sites development?

This are all key areas from which we begin our site analysis. We deal with search engine submissions ensuring you stay on all the main engine listings but we also help you to understand how to come closer to the top on the key word searches which count. Knowing why you have scored well is vital to keeping a top position.

Through specialists professional advice we provide you with the building blocs for a solid site data strategy. We have the specialist skill sets which also enable you to implement these strategies from a simple start up to the largest corporation.

We at Vector7 have built a large community of websites which allow our clients to stand out as prominent local companies with a solid history of being 'real' to Google

There are many questions to be answered, here at Vector7 we can help you answer them.


To understand web search results we suggest you give a little time to Google themselves to allow them to explain.

What do 'conversion' and 'traffic' mean?
5 Ways to improve your site
Why is Google so important to your business?
View what our results can acheive for your business >


Measurement of visitor traffic to your site is vital - after all how else can you know that people are finding it And don't confuse visitors with hits! Many marketers will talk about increasing the number of hits to your site but it is important to know that 'Hits' actually refer to files which are loaded onto a page when it is selected by a visitor. So, if you have two pictures, some text and a logo on a page, this amounts to four 'Hits' when a visitor clicks on it. All Vector7's Visitor Trackers do just as the name suggests - track visitors. And it is of course your visitors that you want to know about!

Vector7 has developed sophisticated tracking devices to help you to analyse your site traffic and react accordingly. We can supply search engine friendly copy as well as advice on metatag 'keywords' to hide in the code behind your site. We'll also help you create 'doorway pages' designed to 'trick' search engines and drive traffic to your site. Our tracking devices are constantly under development and, when you buy one, you'll automatically receive any upgrades to the product completely free of charge.



The dragons teeth may be pulled, a small business can be agile online, it can compete across the world if it chooses and it can beat blue chip leviathans. However an effort to understand the ball game is vital, I do not offer a turn key solution based on trust. I need the business owners to understand the game in order to be committed. Money cannot buy understanding, I would rather work with £5000 and wisdom than £50,000 and ignorance, the first will grow and the budget increase and we can go for the long haul."

Vector7: Getting you found on page one of the Google search engine results for what you do and where you do it.

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