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Once your e-commerce shop is set up and you are happy with it, we often hand control of it over to you as the customer. You take over the day-to-day running of the shop, adding products, handling orders, dealing with customers..

One thing which is also important to do is create regular back up copies of your shop. We will have a copy of the pages themselves, which don't actually change. What changes is the information being held within the website. This is in a database, which is simply a file which contains information in a specifically structured way.

Every product, every customer and every order which has been made on your site will be stored in the shop (not the images which accompany the products, we recommend you back these up separately). Each time something new is added the database files it away in the relevant place and all changes are automatically stored (this is why it is important to use the buttons within the administration section itself rather than use the buttons on your web browser.

To back up your shop database:

  • Open E-Com administration tools
  • Click 'Tools'
  • Click 'Database Backup' underneath images

We recommend making a back up of the data in your shop once a month (more if your site gets a lot of traffic), the procedure for you to do this is quite straightforward. Within your shop's administration section (where you add new products and review orders, etc) you need to open the tools menu and then click on 'Database Backup'.


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You will now be presented with a list of the database backups which are stored on the server within your shop. These are .sql files (a standard database format, it stands for 'Simple Query Language') and are not especially large. To create a new back up, click the 'Backup' button. This opens the menu (right) which allows you to define the settings for a database back up.
We recommend that you back up the database as Pure SQL (not zipped). The circled tick-box (right) decides if the database backup is stored on the server or downloaded to your computer. If it clicked you will be prompted to save the database locally.

We strongly suggest that the database is stored in a safe, secure place as it contains all of the information that your customers have entered into your shop. To make a backup, just click 'backup

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