Setting up your POP3 email in Hotmail.

An alternative to using an email client on your computer to send and receive mail is to use a webmail service. While we do offer webmail via this is best used for short periods as you will quickly exhaust your mailbox quota of 400Mb. Both (formerly Hotmail) and Gmail offer free email accounts, and can be used to send and receive email using your email address associated with your website.

This gives you a far more powerful webmail service, since Microsoft and Google have the resources to offer unlimited (almost) mailbox size and a wide variety of other inbuilt tools.

Here we'll go through the process of setting up your mail in your account.

Step 1

Step 1Step 1First things first. You need to have a (or Hotmail or Microsoft Live account). This is free to set up, it takes about 5 minutes to configure one.

Next - you need to log into (or Hotmail). From here you need to access the settings from the options menu.

Hotmail - Click the 'options' link in the top right. Choose "More Options" - Click the gearwheel, click "More email settings" from the drop down.


Step 2

Step 1For the next step you need to configure your account with the details of your POP mailbox.

This isn't hard (in fact it is probably easier than setting it up within an email client).

You will need to choose the option that allows you to do this.

Hotmail - The option you need is "Sending/Receiving email from other accounts". - The option you need is "Your email accounts".


Step 1


Step 3

Step 1On the next page you will see a list of all your available email accounts. This will let you know whether the account was active the last time checked (basically, was it able to check for new mail successfully).

Now you need to add a new account.

Hotmail - "Add an email account" below the list of approved email account. - For you need to specify that it is an acocunt that you want to send as well as receive from. So click "Add a send and receive account"

Step 1


Step 4

Step 1 From here on both sites operate in exacty the same way.

You'll be offered to use the simple set up for your email address, this requires just typing in your email address and password.

We don't recommend this, as it is likely to fail and possibly won't configure your mailbox as you would like.

So click the 'Advanced options" button.


Step 5

Step 1Now you can set the account up how you want.

First off - the email address. This is straightforward. Do make sure that you type it in correctly.

Server address - All of our mail servers are (where is your website address without the "www." bit)

Port - this needs to be changed to 110.

Requires a secure connection (SSL) - No. Untick this option.

Leave a copy of messages on the server - No. Unless this is not going to be your mail way of checking email. Leaving the mail on the server will result, sooner or later, with your mailbox overflowing. So, untick this one as well.

Username - Your full email address. Not just the bit before the @ symbol. Your full email address.

Password - Your password. Remember this is case-sensitive (capitals and lower case letters are important), and it must have all punctuation in the right places. It is possibly easiest to copy and paste your password from your email .

Then click "Next".

Step 6

Step 1The email account you have set up will take a few seconds to set up. will ask where you would like to have your mail saved. You can either give it a new name ( will suggest something) or you can have it simply dropped in your inbox.

Which option you choose is entirely up to you. I would suggest that you keep your mail separate if you are getting more than two or three mails a day. That way if you are using as a personal email address you can keep your private and professional correspondence separate.

Step 7

The next step is actually very simple, but possibly worrying. will say "Something went wrong."

Nothing went wrong, you just need to prove that you have access to that email address. Log into your mailbox through Outitgoes and click the 'Verification' email from Microsoft Outlook.

You can now send and receive through Outlook. The first time you try to access the inbox you might find that it takes some time to access all of your mail. This is because if you have been using your mailbox for a while, all of that mail will take a while to copy from our servers to's. If you have been using your mailbox for a while in Outlook Express, Outlook, or Windows Mail then you will possibly have all of your mail downloaded to your computer. You can use's "Import email account" and follow the on-screen advice.

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