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Most PC users do still use MS Windows XP and the most common email client is Microsoft Outlook Express.

We will send you three pieces of information which you will need. The email address, password and mail server address. These are the same whatever software you use to send and receive mail.

Step 1.
Open Outlook Express. In Windows XP, click the 'start' button and the second icon from the top should say E-Mail Outlook Express. If not there, open the 'All Programs' list and Outlook Express should be there (near Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and MSN).

You may be prompted to set Outlook Express as the default mail program, if this happens check with anyone else who uses the computer to determine if another mail client has been configured.

Step 2.
In Outlook Express open the 'tools' menu (top left of the screen, fourth menu along). Select 'Accounts' (second option from the bottom).

Step 3.
A small window called 'Internet Accounts' will now open. On the right hand side of this window are a column of buttons, uppermost is 'Add' with a small black arrow next to it. Click Add and choose 'Mail' from the small menu that appears.

Step 4.
The wizard now appears and will take you through most of the process. Enter each piece of information and click the next button, if you make a mistake either click back to go back to the relevant information and change it or click cancel and start again.

Display name:This is name you want associated with the e-mail account, this will appear in the messages you send. This is entirely up to you and you can always come back and change this at a later date.

Email address:This is something which we will send to you. It is always in the following format:

Mail Servers:The 'Incoming mail server' will always be POP3

We will send you the details of the mail server for your domain, this will be the same for both ' Incoming mail server' and 'Outgoing mail server'

This will usually be

Make sure that there is no tick in the ‘secure password authentication’ box. Our servers do not use this feature.

Account name & Password:These we will send to you. Please be aware that the username will be the entire email address, not just the bit before the '@'.

Step 5.
Once you are done entering the information in the wizard, simply click the 'finish' button.

You will now be back at the Internet Accounts window. Your email account will be listed in the window as the name of your mail server.

Click on the new mail account (so it is highlighted) and click properties (on the right). Go to the ‘server’ tab at the top of the window. At the bottom of this window is an option for ‘My server requires authentication’ at the bottom. Turn this on.

You can come back here to check or change any options or settings for the account. If you change a setting and you can no longer send a receive mail, we would recommend removing the account completely and starting again.

Step 6.
Click OK and the close the ‘Internet Accounts’ window. You can now click ‘Send and Receive’ to get your mail.

Step 7.
If you receive an error message when trying to send and receive mail, then you will need to reopen the ‘Internet Accounts’ window (step 2). Select your mail account and click Properties.

Look at the details in the ‘Servers’ tab and check that the details are written correctly. Then click OK and the close the ‘Internet Accounts’ window. You can now try ‘Send and Receive’ again.

Step 8.
If you have problems, we will do our best to help, but we can not provide technical support for problems caused by ISPs, security software or other issues beyond our control. Our mail servers use standardised protocols designed to be universally compatible.

If you prefer, we also have a webmail facility, the details of which will be sent to you with your mail details.

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