Adwords Management
Aim for new business fast with a cost-per-click campaign utilising Google AdWords and over 20 years of web marketing expertise.
Whilst Google AdWords has it's drawbacks, it does serve a purpose when aiming for new business, fast. We can manage a Google AdWords campaign for your business on it's own, or running alongside a natural SEO strategy, allowing your business to truly dominate the marketplace in your region.

If you're not scoring naturally for a particular product or service, AdWords can also be used to fill in the gaps. Buying clicks on AdWords does cost more, but brings instant results and with strategy, can lead to good business.
Google AdWords Management
Appear on Google from day one of your campaign
  • 01
    Instant results
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    Dedicated landing pages
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    Highly measurable
Why settle for just one bite
of the cherry when you can have two, or more?
We can manage an AdWords campaign to run in tandem with a natural SEO strategy, providing your business with the opportunity to dominate search results in your region and increase enquiry rates at a phenomenal rate.
Conquer whole cities and regions with Vector7 marketing
Adwords Campaigns
We can turn your website
into a slick sales tool
Through sophisticated testing and measurement we can land traffic, test the response and adjust the campaign to bring a higher enquiry rate to your doorstep. This can then be applied to your main website, working in tandem with natural search engine optimisation, providing more opportunity for increased sales.
Convert clicks to enquiries with proven sales techniques
Adwords Management
AdWords provides a clinical environment for us to measure each click, visit and enquiry
From the very first impression on your Google advert, we measure how your campaign is performing for you. Utilising our landing pages we can tell a story of how your customers find you online, interact with your advertising and make a enquiry.
We can provide clear-cut reports on how your campaign performs
Adwords Management
Google Adwords Management
Instant results
Purchasing clicks allows you to be
found Page 1 of Google search
almost immediately.
Google Adwords Marketing
Advertise locally
Target your ads to only appear in
certain cities or postcodes, you can even
set the distance radius yourself.
Adwords Marketing
Highly measurable
With focused traffic you can clearly
see the results of your campaign, from
click-through-rate to enquiries.
Google Adwords Management
Landing pages
We'll design landing pages with impact,
enabling you to land traffic on pages
that sell whilst monitoring results.
Cost per click advertising
Fill in the gaps
Not scoring for a particular service
or area? Fill in the gaps short-term
whilst your natural scoring grows.
Adwords Management
A/B Testing
We can make your website a slick
sales tool that converts traffic into
real leads at incredible rates.