Direct Marketing
From building your relationship with existing customers, to engaging conversations with new customers, direct marketing can become an important part of your digital marketing strategy.
Direct marketing allows you to deliver a truly focused and measurable sales pitch to your customers' door step. We can deliver direct email marketing and newsletter campaigns to promote your service, product and expertise.

By identifying a key target audience at first, we can work with you to develop a specialised campaign with engaging design and strong call-to-action, aiming to influence enquiries through your website or connect with an existing customer base.
Digital Marketing
Target specific audiences with Email Marketing
  • 01
    Promote your service
  • 02
    Build relationships
  • 03
    Dedicated landing pages
Target key audiences with a dedicated sales pitch
From day one of your campaign we work with you to establish high-value clients, or lucrative audiences for you to target. From here, we can create a dedicated sales pitch, develop your unique selling points and promote your service through highly focused email campaigns or newsletters. We can measure the response from the very first click of the mouse, through to campaign success rate.
We deliver a highly focused sales pitch with measurable results
Direct Marketing
Build long term relationships with your existing client base
Growing your business doesn't always require you to target a new audience - your current client base may hold the to key to substantial growth. Our team can help you unlock the potential of direct marketing, allowing your business to reach out and build relationships, promote services and establish your brand.
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Direct Marketing
We go the extra mile to help you convert clicks to enquiries
We back up all of our campaigns with a dedicated landing page, built and monitored on your website to continue the sales pitch right up until enquiry. By sending your clients through to a dedicated landing page, we are able to continue your sales pitch and deploy a number of measurement tools to monitor visitor interaction, response and enquiry-rate.
Develop your own unique sales pitch with the team at Vector7
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Manage clients, promote products
and receive a great return on
investment with direct marketing.
Email Marketing Company
Sales Events
Push sales through direct mail
and newsletter campaigns, targeting
key client lists or services.
Direct Marketing
Landing Pages
Engage customers and land them
within your website for a truly
tailored sales pitch.
Direct Mail Marketing
Measured Results
Measure results from the very first
click of a mouse - through to the
point they pick up the phone.
Email Campaigns
Build Relationships
Build brand loyalty by using continual
brand messaging within direct marketing.
Particularly effective with Emails.
Direct Email Marketing
Grow your brand
Establish your brand within the local
community and reach out to new
customers in a personal way.