Digital Marketing
When it comes to your statistics, there is no guesswork at Vector7. Our measurement tools allow us to be scientific about the facts.
Our team are addicted to learning about a websites' performance and the underlying statistics. We go into a forensic level of detail to measure the success of your digital strategy and have gone above and beyond to offer a holistic approach to measuring your Google presence and website conversion rate.

We deploy tools such as Google scoring reports, comprehensive visitor behaviour reports, enquiry monitoring and heat maps to gather data on performance.
Digital Marketing
We use a wide range of tools to measure performance
  • 01
    Visitor engagement
  • 02
    Monitored Telephone Data
  • 03
    Conversion rate
Understand how your
customers interact with
your advertising
Using enhanced tools we can begin to learn how your customers react and engage with your website. Using this data we can place key messages in the right places to increase your chances of converting visitors to enquiries.
Gain insight into how your customers make decisions
Digital Marketing
Chart how many enquiries are coming from your website
By placing a local, monitored telephone number on your website, we can begin to chart how many enquiries come directly from your online marketing, separating enquiries coming from existing forms of advertising. Our monitored telephone numbers collect the amount of calls you receive each month, as well as the duration of the calls.
Paint a detailed picture of how your advertising is performing
Digital Marketing
We can turn more of your website traffic into real business
Our knowledge on conversion has been learned from many years of detailed research across many different websites and sectors - we can apply this knowledge to your business and work on improving your conversion rate.
Our team can dramatically improve your enquiry rate
Online Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Scoring Reports
Our reports run periodically to check
your positioning on Google search
and to ensure consistency.
Digital Marketing Company
Telephone Data
We can measure the current level of
response from your website by using
a local, measured number.
Website Marketing
Visitor Recordings
We can even record visitor behaviour
including following the route of their
mouse to see where they click.
Digital Marketing
Heat Maps
Heat maps help us evaluate the areas of your
website people are drawn to, allowing
us to pitch your service effectively.
Online Marketing
Conversion Rate
Once we've collated data, we can begin
to identify your conversion rate and
plan to improve this percentage.
Website Marketing
Enquiry Monitoring
We can even gain data from enquiry
forms on your website, allowing us to
build a well-rounded picture.