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The world of internet marketing is growing, and so is the complicated jargon. We have composed a list of definitions for you in order to be a whizz on web marketing lingo:
Address Bar: Also know as an URL bar, these are located at the top of your web browser. It is a narrow, horizontal space containing an edit field where a web address can be entered.
AdWords: Google's search marketing program for businesses wishing to display ads on its network for specific keywords or phrases. It enables businesses to create a budget for advertising and they only pay when people click the ads.
Algorithm: A term used for the method search engines use to determine where your website will score for any given keyword or phrase. Search engines will periodically analyse and re-analyse the way in which their algorithms work to ensure they provide the best and most relevant results for their users.
Analytics: Also known as web analytics, this is the collection of data about a website and its users and visitors. The performance data analyses things such as visits and page views.
Banners: Pictorial advertisements placed on websites, they can be static pictures, animated or interactive and can appear anywhere on your site.
Black hat SEO: Scams and tactics to trick the Search Engines to get better rankings for a website. Using these methods will eventually get your site lower rankings and banned from search.

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Breadcrumbs: These appear horizontally across the top of the web page; a navigation device that breaks the site into links. They provide a navigation trail so the user can see where they are and where the current web page is located.

Cache History: Web pages and files are stored in your browsing history. It speeds up the display of sites you frequently or recently have visited. When changes have been made to a site you may need to refresh your web page to automatically update your cache and see the updated version.

Conversion: The percentage of visitors to your site who go beyond browsing its content i.e. they make booking, purchase a product or make an enquiry.
CPC: CPC or Cost per click means you pay a predetermined amount each time someone clicks on your advert. The amount you pay will depend on the search engine and your competitor's bids.
Domain name: A websites address. For example: www.vector7.co.uk. Also know as a URL.
Domain transfer: The process of changing the designated host or provider of a website.

Ecommerce site: A website that allows you to buy or sell products online.

Google Maps Listing: Google now uses data from sources to compose local business listings. They include information on where you are based and what you do and put you on the map.
Hosting: Also known as web hosting, this is the service that allows individuals to make their website accessible by providing website space to make it visible to all.
Hyperlink: Also known as links, they allow you to navigate to other pages on the web when clicked on. These can be identified when you hover over them with your mouse – they will become highlighted, underlined or your pointer will turn to a hand, for instance.
Inbound Links: see Backlinks
Indexing: Various methods for indexing the contents of a website or the Internet as a whole. For example, search engines use keywords and metadata to index (take a copy) of the web.
Java: A type of programming language used to display interactive user interfaces and script behaviour on websites. More information can be found on their website: What is Java?
Keywords: Words or phrases that a person may use to search for a service, product or information on the web. They also refer to the terms people bid on for CPC. Also known as "buzz words".


Landing Pages: This is the first page a visitor lands on following a search on the web. It can be any page on your site but is specific and tailored to appeal to the search that has just taken place.
Lightbox: A JavaScript technique used to display images and other web content. They are like modal windows that 'black out' the rest of the screen in order to draw attending to the modal. (see modal)
Mailbox: a mailbox is where your messages are stored and the email address routes the message to the mailbox. You can have several email addresses per mailbox, but only one mailbox
Mailshot: A form of direct advertising sent via a database to multiple email addresses . These can be in the form of leaflets, emails, letters or coupons.
Modal: Any type of window that is a child to a parent window, that requires users to interact with it before they can return to the parent window.

Natural Listings: also known as organic search results, you cannot pay to be at the top of natural listings. Hard work and expertise will get you there.

Nominet: The central registry for all .co.uk domain names.
URL: A uniform resource locator. Also known as a web address or domain name. For example www.vector7.co.uk
Responsive Design: A type of web design that creates sites that provide optimal viewing experience for the user. The sites automatically adjust in size to suit the device that is viewing the website. This means easy reading and easy navigation with a minimum of scrolling and resizing. 
Ranking: How well your website is listed in the search engines results. The rank indicates exactly where it is listed.
ROI: Return on investment. This is a vital statistic for website owners and tells you whether or not it your investment is generating profits and the cost of leads.
Search Engine: A tool people use to search for things on the internet: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Msn etc. Google being by far the most popular. They will provide natural search results and paid adverts, normally shown above or to the side of natural listings.
Search Engine optimization (SEO): This is the process of making your website appear on the natural listings for targeted key phrases.
Social Media: A type of online media that uploads information through user submissions. We are now active content publishers rather than content consumers. Social networking, forums, blogs and image and video sharing are all social media forms.
Spider: We use the term spider to denote the 'robots' or 'crawlers' that seep through all the linked content and pages of a website to gather information and rank accordingly on the search engines.
Stats: Web server analysis program, producing usage statistics for your website.
Web Browser: the program you are currently using to access the internet. Common browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
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