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Background Story
"We had an old, outdated and unprofessional web site which had never been altered from day 1 and after eventually realising it was doing us no favours appointed a local web design company to produce a completely new site based on our own ideas. They did so but although it looked much more professional than the old site it was still difficult to navigate and was not visibly generating any more business.

Following a presentation by John to NASIC, our MD discussed the merits of changing to Vectorr7 with our management team and we decided to make the switch to Vector7."

The Outcome
"Vector 7 used their experience of our industry combined with listening to our individual local needs to redesign the site. They helped us identify our local geographical areas of business and our areas of product and customer sector focus to introduce aspects into the site design which our local client base would be searching for and they gradually improved our ranking in the online searches relevant to our business."
Tom Glasgow - Sales Manager, Scan Alarms  
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Web Marketing Devon
"Direct email and telephone enquiries, from potential new clients, has increased substantially since Vector7 took over our website. People often tell us they found our site and and liked it. We regularly receive compliments from new clients on how clear and easy it was for them to find what they were looking for when compared to most of our local competitors.

Because of their specialist knowledge of our industry and our own lack of a specific marketing department they have been invaluable, both in initial web design and proactive ongoing improvement. All the staff we’ve come in contact with are professional, yet friendly and importantly listen to what we want, whilst having the courage to tell us politely if our ideas need more work."
Scan Alarms in Belfast Website Design Devon