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Wind Measurement International


Website Design Devon

Wind Measurement International, are a multinational cooperative of consultants to those looking to implement wind power solutions across three continents. With some of the best technical experts in the industry, Wind Measurement International needed a website which did them justice. Part of the remit for the job was to integrate a professional design with some highly technical content, aimed at those who are serious about getting to grips with wind power.

The focus of the work Wind Measurement International do is in determining the best place for a wind turbine, the best type of turbine and consulting with land owners to assist in procuring planning permission.

The technical challenge for us was mainly in the planning and development of such a large site without making future development a costly proposition. This was a particular challenge as we also had to ensure that what work we did was of high value in the eyes of the search engines.

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Website Design Devon
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Website Design Devon
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Website Design Devon
Website Design Devon
Website Design Devon

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