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Vector7 provides 21st century, measured advertising and marketing.
We sell placement on Google's first page of organic search results.
We are specialists in search engine optimisation. Over 20 years of studying the web and how Google generates its search results, we have a firm understanding of what it takes to be on Page One. Based in Devon, our track record is proven in many disciplines across the United Kingdom.

If you are looking to improve your rankings with search engine optimisation, or wish to start your business with a solid step forward, contact our experts and we'll help you to achieve results through the web.
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Search Engine Optimisation Devon
Our clients grow to become leaders in their industry
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You could be missing out on
30-40% of new business
Search engine optimsation (SEO) is the method of getting your website found for what you do (i.e. Plumber) and where you do it (i.e. Devon). It is essential
for your business to be found on Page One of Google search results or
you will lose out on business to the companies that are.
We have the skills to get you there and keep you there.
SEO Company Devon
93% of people use
Google to find goods
and services
The internet is connected to everything and everyone - Google
is part of our lifestyle and therefore search engine optimisation
is a very powerful tool for business growth.
'How search works' by Google's Matt Cutts
Each dominated area is equivalent to a full page, full colour advert in an old Yellow Pages book
With search engine optimisation and Page 1 positioning on Google search, you only compete with a handful of other local companies, rather than the hundreds of businesses you would be competing against within traditional print advertising such as Yellow Pages.
Did you know? Yellow Pages has ceased to print in 2017
Search Engine Optimisation Devon
Our track record across 20 years speaks for itself
If you're interested in how you can grow your business with search engine optimisation, or wish to kick-start your business from day one, our Devon-based team can walk you through proven strategies to pin your company to the first page of Google search. We have a wide, proven track record across the UK and Ireland.
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SEO Company Devon
Search Engine Optimisation Devon
Get found on Google
Statistics show Google is the largest
marketplace in the world - 93% of people
use Google to find goods and services.
SEO Company Devon
Increase your traffic
Search engine positioning exposes
your business to hundreds of people
searching for your service.
Search Engine Optimisation Devon
Expand your territory
Begin planning your empire by appearing
within new geographical territory on
Google search.
SEO Specialists Devon
Grow your services
Looking to promote a new service?
We can create an SEO strategy to bring in new leads through Google search.
Search Engine Opimisation Devon
Generate enquiries
Stand out from the crowd and you'll
have the opportunity to attract new
business directly from Google search.
Google Search Optimisation Devon
Google Maps
Establish your presence within
Google local searches and improve
your business profile.