Your business may already be successful in it's own right - but with the death of traditional advertising, you may need to look elsewhere for new customers. We can help you establish your business online and grow your presence on Google Search.
Challenges you already face may include:
No web presence - Only traditional advertising in magazine and local newspapers
No historic page ranking - Google doesn't know who you are or what you do
No sales pitch - New business is only generated through 'word of mouth'
Business not known outside of your local area
Getting started with Vector7
These are the essential cards you need to play
Digital Marketing
& Strategy
We're raring to go with ideas
on how to grow your business, both
now and into the future.
We can offer:
Over 15 years of experience growing businesses in an ever-competitive online marketplace.
Future proof strategy
Real, proven results
Long term relationships
Measurable success
Digital Marketing Specialists
Search Engine
Google presence exposes
your business to hundreds of people searching online.
We can offer:
Google Page 1 positioning that exposes your company to new business from the web.
Google Page 1 results
Increase your traffic
Expand your territory
Generate new enquiries
Web Marketing
Web & Graphic
We don't use themes - all our
websites are built from scratch
for your business.
We can offer:
Google Page 1 positioning that exposes your company to new business from the web.
Hand-built designs
Built from scratch
Engaging advertising
Experienced copywriting
Digital Marketing
We can create unique, content-rich articles to aid our search engine optimisation efforts.
We can offer:
We believe effective copywriting is bred from a true understanding of your industry.
Engaging copywriting
Content-rich articles
Case studies of your work
Aids your SEO campaign
Digital Marketing Specialists
Demonstrate your service, your experience and your team with our Google accredited team.
We can offer:
It's been proven. Adding quality photos of real people can increase your enquiry rate.
Professional photography
We'll visit you on-site
Demonstrate your service
360° Virtual Tours
Hover over each card to see how we can transform your business
Things you need to consider
How much does it cost to be on Page One?
We look at many key indicators to gauge how difficult and how fast it will be to get your business
onto Page One of Google.
Website Marketing
Geographic Location
Depending on the area you work within, it can be more difficult to appear on Page One of Google. Competition is heating up and more businesses are looking towards the web for new business - in highly populated areas, we may need to fight against others to push you to the top of the pile.
Website Marketing
Your Coverage Radius
Depending on the breadth of area you wish to cover, we may need to discuss timescales and the cost involved to conquer cities, counties or regions. We also use Google's suggested bid for their Pay-Per-Click service as an indication for the effort involved to reach Page One.
Website Marketing
Overall Competition
To gauge how competitive your area may be, we analyse local advertising and seek to understand how much effort it will take to achieve results. Our R&D team research directories such as Checkatrade to outline how many of your competitors are competing for the same place on the web.
Website Marketing
Timescales and Results
It can be hard to judge how long it may take to achieve results, even with a proven track record. If you need quick results or fast Google positioning, we must exert a great effort to push your web marketing forwards. Alternatively, we can offer Pay-Per-Click marketing for instant, next-day results.
We can work together to increase enquiries
We provide long-term, worthwhile results
Organic positioning on Google's Page one of results is a natural process, hence it's name 'Organic'. The time it takes to
dominate an area varies depending on your industry, location and ambitions.
3 Months
In the first 3 months your website undergo change to improve
it's positioning on Google Search. We can take a look at your sales
pitch and ensure you've checked the right boxes on your
route to increasing your enquiry rate. .
Populate your website with new content
Year 1
At Year 1 we can document the increase in
traffic you have received from our work, as well as the
increase in calls you've gained from appearing
on Page 1 of Google Search.
Sustained positioning on Google Page 1
1 Month
From day one, we plant seeds to grow your business organically on the web. We welcome you to our online community and in many cases, re-create your website in a Google-friendly manner.
Kick start your presence on Google
6 Months
With results beginning to take hold, we need to continue maintaining our links and content additions. At this stage, we may ask for your help to create content based on your work, such as projects you've been involved in.
Detailed development and additions
Future Growth
Looking to the future we can plan to dominate territory,
advertise your business in new avenues or increase
your call-rate with effective marketing efforts.
Plan strategic steps to maintain results
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Looking for quick results for your business?
Organic Google positioning can take time to build momentum before the phone starts ringing, it all depends on your industry and competition. If you're looking for fast results, we can place your business on Page One with the help of Google AdWords.
Speak to our team about Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Web Marketing
Clear, measured results to
ensure your get the best results from your investment.
We can offer:
Cost-per-click campaigns utilising Google Adwords and over 20 years of web marketing expertise.
Instant Page 1 results
Measurable results
Landing page creation
A/B Testing